No One Stands Alone

The way community was meant to be!

Community Connecting Us is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming space for everyone in our community.  Here we say, “All people are welcome, not all behaviors are welcome.”  What we mean by that is everyone must be kind, inclusive and respect one another.

Community Connecting Us is a place where the youth in the town come to hangout for games, crafts, snacks and friendship.  It’s a place where recovery groups gather for encouragement and accountability. It’s where moms and littles come for playgroups and learning together.  This is where we work with our hands repairing bicycles, knitting, building and crafting.  Here our yard grows fresh vegetables for our neighbors, while children play in the sandbox and teens play tetherball.  It’s a warm and clean space to practice and explore physical and mental health at little to no cost. It’s where individuals and organizations can bring their knowledge, services and resources to a central location within our town that is often challenged with transportation issues.

We’ve done so much together as a community and we want to do even more.  As we pursue the preservation and restoration of the beautiful Tome Memorial Complex (Nesbitt Hall, the Parsonage & the Tome Church) in an attempt to grow what we’ve started, we need to continue working together to see it through, your help on this journey is imperative to keep the momentum going, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Founded by The Berge Family in 2017, they have over 20 years’ experience in helping people develop success in their lives and communities. Our focus is helping you develop your individualistic strengths and abilities to positively impact your towns, neighborhoods and homes. We are located in Port Deposit Maryland at the Tome Complex right on Main Street.




To create community that connects, educates, and encourages.



To be a safe welcoming community that gathers to spur our neighbors to love better and live with purpose as we grow together.


Core Values

Being Outward – We look beyond ourselves and help each other
Integrity – When we sign up, we show up
Kindness – We’re all in process as we move towards becoming what we were meant to be
Passion – We make relational community a priority
Accountability – We take responsibility for what we say & do because these are choices we’ve made
Diversity – Everyone is important; we celebrate each other’s “weirdness” & all our differences