Helping our community Succeed 

Developing Your Path to Greatness

At Community Connecting Us, our passion is helping our community succeed. Whether you’re seeking a safe place to gather and connect with others in the community or you need help with job seeking skills, literacy assistance, financial organization, family strengthening skills or need to change your life’s direction, we connect you with the programs, services and community resources you need to be successful right here in West Cecil County.

All of these needs would be impossible for one organization to meet, but with the assistance of other established organizations and ministries in the county, we can further their reach by facilitating and supporting their work in our buildings; satisfying Community Connecting Us’ goal of growing and developing together as a community.

Founded by The Berge Family in 2017, they have over 20 years’ experience in helping people develop success in their lives and communities. Our focus is helping you develop your individualistic strengths and abilities to positively impact your towns, neighborhoods and homes. We are located in Port Deposit Maryland at the Tome Complex right on Main Street.




To empower the community by channeling resources, skills and experiences already available in the community, organizing those assets to tackle actionable community issues and problems and mobilizing those assets to further the grass roots movement centered on preservation that began under the auspices of the Tome Memorial Preservation Association/Tome Memorial Project.



To be a safe welcoming community that gathers to spur our neighbors to love better and live with purpose as we grow together.


Core Values 

Being Outward – We don’t exist for ourselves, but for others
Integrity – Authentically live your values in relationships with others
Grace – We’re all in process as we move towards becoming what we were meant to be
Passion – We make relational community a priority
Accountability – If you sign up, show up
Diversity – Everyone is valuable