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Community Connecting Us is a place where the youth in the town come to hang out for games, crafts, snacks and friendship. It's a place where recovery groups gather for encouragement and accountability.

It's where moms and littles come for playgroups and learning together.

This is where we work with our hands repairing bicycles, knitting, building and crafting. Here our yard grows fresh vegetables for our neighbors, while children play in the sandbox and teens play tether ball.

It's a warm and clean space to practice and explore physical and mental health at little to no cost.

It's where individuals and organizations can bring their knowledge, services and resources to a central location within our town that is often challenged with transportation issues.

Community Connecting Us

Founded by The Berge Family in 2017, with over 20 years' experience in community building. Our focus is to assist our neighbors in enhancing their unique abilities and strengths to make a positive impact in their home, our town and the greater community, by providing a safe and supportive environment. We are located in Port Deposit Maryland at the Tome Complex on North Main Street.

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What We Focus On?


Education is imperative for the growth of everyone, this comes in a myriad of ways, through experience, books, teachings, and observation. Believing the aforementioned can be shared experiences, CCU welcomes neighbors, community associations and institutions to share their experiences, so that others may learn from their knowledge.

Community Connecting Us with the help of our neighbors and community partners continues to offer multiple classes in the areas of wellness, creativity, and life skills. The positive impact of both formal and informal education is felt by the entire community. The imperative thing to remember about education is, everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.

Community Connecting Us


Community is important to the health and well-being of both individuals and the collective whole. Being in community is not passive, and it isn’t just proximity, it is actively sharing of ourselves and a willingness to learn from others. Community Connecting Us is an Asset Based Community movement providing folks a sense of belonging and connection to others through opportunities of sharing knowledge, skills, and resources.

When we commit to working together for the greater good of our community, cooperation and collaboration become more than just ideals, they become a reality that brings about change and positively impacts our community and beyond. Community provides us the chance to learn about the stories, traditions, and cultures of our neighbors, which not only enriches our own lives, creating bonds and inclusivity, but reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Community Connecting Us


Creativity facilitates personal growth and development by encouraging individuals to think and solve problems in new and innovative ways, and to uniquely express themselves in meaningful ways. Pursuing creative activities reduces stress, improves moods, gives us a sense of achievement and increases self-esteem. Collectively, creative opportunities lead to increased social connections by collaborating and sharing ideas, allowing diversity in perspective and a platform for expression.

Community Connecting Us


Focusing on wellness and mental health allows individuals and the community to grow in knowledge and physical stamina and strength. As individuals learn to identify and understand the warning signs of mental health, they can begin to identify signs within themselves and neighbors. When signs are identified individuals are able to share resources or take appropriate action (healthy coping mechanisms and self-regulation) before problems becomes more severe.

Understanding more about mental health helps the community develop empathy and understanding for one another. Having a focus on wellness and mental health can help individuals take an active role in improving and maintaining their own health, as well as the health of others. When it comes to mental health these conversations, with community involvement, greatly reduce the stigmatization around mental health, and neighbors won't suffer alone.

Community Connecting Us

Board Of Directors

Erica at Community Connecting Us

Erica Berge


Erica founded Community Connecting Us in 2017

Brian at Community Connecting Us

Brian Berge

Vice President

Brian co-founded Community Connecting Us in 2017

Linda at Community Connecting Us

Linda smith


Linda joined Community Connecting Us in 2019

Kevin at Community Connecting Us

Kevin Brown


Kevin joined Community Connecting Us in 2019

Bert at Community Connecting Us

Bert Jicha


Bert joined Community Connecting Us in 2019

Jill at Community Connecting Us

Jill Jicha


Jill joined Community Connecting Us in 2019

Board Of Advisors

Roxie at Community Connecting Us

Roxie Brown


Roxie joined Community Connecting Us in 2019

Kathy at Community Connecting Us

Kathryn Berge


Kathy joined Community Connecting Us in 2019

Kat at Community Connecting Us

Kat Shilko


Kat joined Community Connecting Us in 2019

Barb at Community Connecting Us

Barb Pollock


Barb joined Community Connecting Us in 2022

Bill at Community Connecting Us

Bill Baron


Bill joined Community Connecting Us in 2022

Clare at Community Connecting Us

Danielle Baron


Danielle joined Community Connecting Us in 2022

Clare at Community Connecting Us

Clare Sautter


Clare joined Community Connecting Us in 2022

Clare at Community Connecting Us

Nicole Eastman

Executive Assistant

Nicole joined Community Connecting Us in 2023

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Community Connecting Us

Nesbitt Hall 99 North Main Street,
Port Deposit, MD 21904