Community Connecting Us is an Asset Based Community Development organization.

An Asset Based Community is a community that uses sustainable development based on the strengths and potentials of their existing community members. Community Connecting Us welcomes neighbors to share their resources, skills, and experiences with the community and organize them around issues that invite the community into action. Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) empowers the members of the community by encouraging them to utilize what they already know and have. With an ABCD approach we seek to not only work with individual community members, but with established citizen associations and paid service organizations. Analyzing the resources already available within the greater community we can work alongside these programs offering them places to hold and offer their resources to further build personal and corporate community. As we move throughout the community building relationships, we hope to identify the strengths of individuals within the community and help empower and strategize how those strengths can help alleviate known deficits.

We are located in the beautiful historic town of Port Deposit at the historic Tome Complex on Main Street.

Please join us in living out community the way it was meant to be.

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Our Neighbors

“Life happens and unforeseen circumstances are the result. I was reassigned to a new work location, which placed an extreme hardship on my family because I am the primary provider for my 77-year-old mother. I didn’t know what avenues or the resources I would take or be entitled to request for a reconsideration of their decision. Communityconnecting.us helped me put into words what was in my heart and the burden that was being place on my family into a formal hardship letter. Communityconnecting.us gave me, an everyday working man, hope in this unforeseen circumstance and Community’s Connecting to help US still exists.”

Billy V.

“Our family had the privilege to serve alongside the Berge family in outreach and ministry. It was inspiring to watch them begin ministries when practical solutions were lacking, jump in to support existing community outreaches, and interact with those hurting and in need. Not only in service, but we were able to watch them live out their faith in everyday life in the most inspirational and authentic way. Volunteering with them was one of the most life-giving activities we’ve experienced. Time was short, and there was always an obstacle to overcome, but never once did we regret an evening of service. It expanded our perspective and capacity for interactions and relationships. Volunteering allowed us to make new friends, connect to our community and bring fulfillment by providing a sense of purpose for our family.”


Troy & Rebecca N.

“Knowing what to do is always easier than empowering and inspiring others to grow in knowledge and ability and success.., on their own. For over twenty years I have been privileged to know this family and watch and learn as they acquired, integrated, and mastered the ideas, principles, and ideals of community in both the personal aspect of appreciation and understanding and in their active involvement – unabashedly unafraid to go where needed and do the hard work of patience in making their ministry available, not force fed, but always on the table for anyone in crisis.
Community Connecting Us is new. But, it is not young, naïve, or inexperienced; it is the culmination and product of those twenty-plus years of making a difference in the communities of man and God. It is born with maturity to continue the work and expand the possibilities of community caring and sharing, everywhere.
Community has many meanings, and every aspect of daily life has some component of community inherent to it. There is a community in the family unit; in the family of friends and associates that one acquires through the process of living; in the workplace; in sense of purpose; in the town, state, and country that we live in. There is community in the world.
So, when the elements of community faded from my life and I struggled to salvage my senses of worth, purpose, and place.., it did not overly surprise me that this family reached out to me – from the other side of the country – across the boundaries of time and distance and culture to offer me a place in their community from which to rebuild myself in safety, relief, and with guidance. Their guidance, support, and foundational values opened new doors, shinned new lights, and inspired things in me that I had forgotten existed.
Through the Berge community connection came opportunities to do and see things that I would not have done alone. Invited to participate.., if I wanted to.., I ventured with them – on street ministry – into some of the towns and neighborhoods, all but forgotten after dark by the communities that surround them, bringing community, the sense of it, back to these areas and gaining a deeper appreciation for the community that I was blessed with. It is a task of patience, tolerance, and love that begins with a willingness to be there; to listen.., without harsh judgment, to the voices of the street and offer.., what you can; accepting that, sometimes, the only offer that is accepted is to be back… to talk again, another day…Patience.
The Berge family, founders of Community Connecting Us, grew community within me, when I was in need; they can do it for you. Their mission is to make a difference.., everywhere that they can. If you are in need, lacking community in your life; if you want to help; or just want to be better than “good enough”, I hope that you will contact them.”


Steven D.

“Hi, I first met Erica when I was a teen mom, I’m now 29 married mom of 4. Erica made a huge impact in my life she helped guide me in the right direction and has always been a great support even to this day. The community she built when I was young was such a great help and support I’m always grateful for all she did. She has an amazing genuine heart with no judgment and that’s something hard to find. If you’re lucky enough to be a part of a community that that has Erica you are truly blessed.”


Tina G.

“The Berge family poured into my life practical ways of serving the community. How to get involved, why I should and being aware of the needs all around. Brian and Erica just kept it real with me from the beginning. They guided me, supported me, and held me accountable, and the Berge kids, they gave me life. Rad bunch of people.”


Mike H.

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