Community Connecting Us Presents

Neighborhood of Art:
A Tribute to Mister Rogers

April 13-14, 2024

Where Art Meets Kindness

Community Connecting Us is honoring the Legacy of Mr. Fred Rogers and the Spirit of Port Deposit. Welcome to a Gathering of Hearts and Artistry. You are cordially invited to the "Neighborhood Art Celebration," a unique and heartwarming event that pays homage to the enduring legacy of Mr. Fred Rogers and celebrates the vibrant spirit of our Port Deposit community. This special art show is not just an exhibition; it's a testament to the values of kindness, creativity, and community unity that Mr. Rogers exemplified, brought to life through the diverse talents of local artists.

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Event Details


The Carriage House of Port Deposit
80 S. Main St., Port Deposit, Maryland 21904

General Exhibition (Free Admission):

Saturday, April 13th, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday, April 14th, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
We encourage you to join us in celebrating the legacy of Mr. Fred Rogers, our wonderful Port Deposit community, and the power of art to bring us together.

Special Reception

Special Reception ($30 per ticket):

Friday, April 12th, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
• Tickets: Special Reception - Early Preview
This is an opportunity to be part of a meaningful event that celebrates the values of kindness, creativity, and community, while honoring the unique spirit of Port Deposit and the legacy of the late great Fred Rogers. We look forward to your participation in this memorable "Neighborly Art Celebration," as we come together to honor a beloved icon, celebrate our neighborhood, and inspire our community with the power of art and creativity. We hope you take this opportunity to support the creative minds in our community and would love for you to join us for the special preview before the show on Friday Night with some light fare catered by Lee's Landing Dock Bar!

Why You Should Attend

A Celebration of Our Community

Explore a diverse collection of artwork that beautifully captures the essence of our beloved Port Deposit community. See how local artists have interpreted Mr. Rogers' themes through their unique perspectives.

Embrace Creativity

Be inspired by the artistic interpretations of Mr. Rogers' values, including kindness, creativity, and community. Experience the magic of his Land of Make-Believe through the eyes of talented artists.

Meet the Artists

Engage with the talented artists behind the artwork and gain insight into their creative process. Celebrate the artistic talent within our community.

Support Local Initiatives

By attending the show and purchasing artwork, you'll contribute to the continued work of Community Connecting Us in our neighborhood. Your support helps foster education, creativity, wellness, and community building.

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art canvas

Thank You To Our Corporate Sponsors

2024 NeighboRhood Art Show

Banks' Auto Recyclers and Towing

Corperate Sponsor

Banks' Recyclers & Towing

We are delighted to partner with Banks' Recyclers & Towing as a prestigious sponsor for the Neighborhood Art Show. Their commitment to excellence in providing essential towing and recycling services in our community mirrors the spirit of innovation and creativity we celebrate through art. Banks' Recyclers & Towing's dedication to environmental sustainability and community support aligns perfectly with the values of the Neighborhood Art Show, making them an ideal partner for fostering a culture where art and community engagement thrive together. Their support is instrumental in bringing the vision of the Neighborhood Art Show to life, creating a vibrant space where artists and the community can connect and inspire each other.


Corperate Sponsor

Cecil County Health Department (CCHD)

We are honored to welcome the Cecil County Health Department as a valued sponsor for the Neighborhood Art Show. Their dedication to public health and well-being in Cecil County resonates deeply with the ethos of our event, which seeks to not only celebrate art but also to foster a healthy, vibrant community. The Cecil County Health Department's commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all residents through their wide range of services and initiatives perfectly complements our goal of bringing the community together through creativity and expression. This collaboration underscores our shared vision of a communit

Thank You To Our Business Sponsors

2024 NeighboRhood Art Show

Business Sponsor

American Legion Mason Dixon Post 194

Business Sponsor

Bodhi Counseling

Business Sponsor

Lee's Landing Dock Bar

Business Sponsor

The Cecil County Judy Center

A Big Thank You To Our Partner

2024 NeighboRhood Art Show

Exclusive Partner

The Carriage House of Port Deposit

Nestled in the picturesque town of Port Deposit, Maryland, The Carriage House stands as a quintessential venue, ideally suited for a wide array of special events. This historic gem marries elegance with warmth, providing a distinctive setting for everything from intimate weddings to celebratory baby showers. Open throughout the year, The Carriage House serves as a sought-after destination for those in pursuit of an event space that feels both exclusive and welcoming—like uncovering a hidden jewel within the town's core. Its charm and hospitality make every occasion not just an event, but a memorable experience, ensuring that each gathering is as unique and special as the venue itself.

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