Living Out Authentic Community With Our Neighbors

Real words From Real People!


“…Brian and Erica just kept it real with me from the beginning. They guided me, supported me, and held me accountable, and the Berge kids, they gave me life. Rad bunch of people.”

– Mike H.


“…She has an amazing genuine heart with no judgment and that’s something hard to find. If you’re lucky enough to be a part of a community that that has Erica you are truly blessed.”

– Tina G.


“Community Connecting Us helped me get my current job by coaching me in creating an amazing resume. I’ve also served along side these people providing food for the homeless community. It was awesome!”

– Brian F.


“Life happens and unforeseen circumstances are the result. … gave me, an everyday working man, hope in this unforeseen circumstance and Community’s Connecting to help US still exists.”

– Billy V.


“Thanks to Community Connecting Us, I was able to create a professional resume, and practice interview questions during a mock interview. They provided me with helpful information, and interview strategies, that helped me get my dream job!”

– Kelly U.


“The Berge family, founders of Community Connecting Us, grew community within me, when I was in need; they can do it for you. Their mission is to make a difference.., everywhere that they can. If you are in need, lacking community in your life; if you want to help; or just want to be better than “good enough”, I hope that you will contact them.”

– Steven D.