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Our Operating Model

We operate under a “pay what you want” model. This means that we rely heavily on the donations of others to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate. Whether you have or have not; all are welcome and all are equal.

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Education is imperative for growth for everyone, this comes in a myriad of ways, through experience, books, teachings, observation. Offer educational resources with tutoring for school, adult literacy classes, ESL. Offer life-skills classes on nutrition, health and self-care, basic first-aid, child development and parenting, basic car care and home repairs, money management, self-defense, time management, citizenship, relationships and boundaries, communication skills, recreation and hobbies, job and interview skills, emotional wellness/intelligence, digital and social etiquette. All of these classes can be shared experiences. Meaning that community members, associations and institutions share their experiences so that others can learn from their knowledge. For example, when we were running the group for teen parents, we had members of our organization lead teachings and discussions around topics they were knowledgeable on to include older teen moms sharing their lessons learned. The leaders of the group knew nothing of “working the system” and so we relied on the moms to lead those discussions educating all of us so that we might help others succeed. The imperative thing about education is to remember that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.



Lack of universally accessible recreational activities is a problem within this region of the county, especially for children and teens. Partner with nearby colleges leveraging their students to offer onsite camps in the summer that extends through high school. Host occasional weekend kids’ conferences throughout the other seasons; containing the elements of music, fun, food and teaching. A gathering space for young people to hangout with drinks and snacks, games and comfy furniture. Community arts and crafts that span all ages to encourage inter-generational relationships help to alleviate the loneliness that many older adults experience. Host book and podcast clubs, help establish walking, hiking and hobby clubs.



Within this portion of the county, transportation is an issue for many due to lack of vehicles and finances and rural placements of neighborhoods. Mass transit is not accessible and transportation services like taxis, Uber and Lyft are exorbitant. Provide delivery of food pantry boxes to local neighborhoods. Provide pantry boxes with possible meal plans and recipes specific to the boxes. Transportation could also be offered for classes being held at Nesbitt Hall.



Host mom meetups and homeschool hangouts. Create community gardening experiences. Community soirees–fancy name for an outdoor potluck with style. We have found this very effective in our own neighborhood and have witnessed amazing relationships form from these events that continue to exist years later. We believe that communion in the form of sharing a meal with our neighbors is important to expand our reach and understanding of our neighbors. This can be as simple as sharing a cup of coffee and pastry. Therefore, having hours where there is no agenda but to open our doors to see who will come and spend time with us.


A Space For All

We offer community meetings, gatherings and parties, we welcome your assistance with planning, setup and cleanup.  We also offer space for your own events and will partner with you to ensure your event is a success.

While we continue to grow and provide our community with a space at Nesbitt Hall. We are also working hard to restore and preserve the entire Tome Memorial Complex (Nesbitt Hall, the Parsonage and Tome Memorial Church) to have new life and become a space for all.


Do you have a specific idea or need that’s not mentioned on our website? Contact us today with your details, ideas or needs and we would be more than happy to explore those with you.

Our Community Goals

We have a Desire to grow and see the community Grow with us.

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